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“Reframing rescue“ Premium Polarized Sunglasses,
Helping Rescue Animals

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“Reframing rescue“ Premium Polarized Sunglasses, Helping Rescue Animals

Rescue Shades

Support Animal Welfare and Enjoy Premium Polarized Eyewear

Time is of the essence for animals in shelters. Each day, countless unadopted pets are anxiously waiting for loving families to take them to forever homes. But many of these shelters are drastically underfunded and over-crowded. That’s why we founded Rescue Shades, to provide extra financial support so deserving dogs and cats can be safe until they find a warm, happy home.

Rescue Shades
Rescue Shades

Ordinary purchase, Extraordinary purpose.

Combine fashionable, well-crafted sunglasses with giving back through the Rescue Shades program. It’s simple; you select a pair, or be super generous and purchase several pairs, and we send up to 20% of our proceeds to local animal shelters. Rescue Shades currently works with organizations in the Houston area. But it's a big world out there and we are always open to giving back to your local shelter. Help us help others.

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We bring you a great selection of hand-assembled* glasses constructed with superior quality materials such as polarized lenses and injection-molded color frames, and of course UV A/B protection. Each one is offered with a lifetime warranty and the satisfaction of knowing you just saved a deserving furry soul. (exclusions apply)*. 

Rescue Shades

We’re Counting on You!

Choose an amazing pair of our bestsellers to help us save our four-legged buddies. For inquiries and orders, reach out to us anytime.